Hilde is a developmental biologist by training and has been an academic researcher for 19 years in many different countries. Throughout her scientific career, she gained long-standing experience as a trainer and mentor in the fields of interpersonal communication and leadership skills exclusively for scientists (www.servusscience.org). Since Fall 2016 she combines her work as a freelance trainer with supporting the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) in the areas of Diversity & Inclusion, and Family Services.

“I believe that the culture of science needs to change: creativity and inspiration need to find their way back into our everyday lives, in our means of communication, our scientific conferences and interactions. We need to shift our focus to human needs and values, and to the social context in which we do science. This change of culture cannot be pre-ordained from above. It needs a strong bottom-up impulse, which requires awareness and commitment. All of this change is highly necessary. And feasible. ”

Her other passions

Hilde loves hiking in the mountains and spending time outdoors. She is keen on training her voice to be able to sing whatever she’d like to. She lives with her husband, their two boys and two cats right outside Vienna, Austria, which is country number 7 for her.