negoservices is a Swiss-based company established since 2000, and a Sàrl company since 2020.

Our mission is to help organisations and people get to where they want to be

We are specialised in negotiation skills, conflict management, as well as professional and personal development

Our characteristics

Personalised contact (in depth analysis of each specific situation)

Small and human sized organisation

Expertise built over years of field experience and continuous training

Bilingual English and French

Wide multicultural exposure

Strong professional ethics

A solid network of qualified and experienced specialists in the fields of mediation, conflict management, biases and gender issues, communication and self-leadership

Melissa Davies – Negotiation expert, professional trainer and coach

Melissa founded negoservices in 2000. Graduate from the London School of Economics, Melissa is an international consultant with wide experience in strategic and operational management, particularly in the fields of IT, project management, organisational development, partnership brokering and fundraising.

A professional independent negotiator, Melissa has over 28 years experience in negotiating agreements and building lasting partnerships in both national and international environments, and in training in negotiation skills and conflict management.

A solution-focused coach, Melissa has solid analytical, relational and communication skills, as well as a great motivation to accompany people and companies in their professional and personal development. She also has a long experience in coaching teenagers and young adults, as well as working with scientists (PhDs, Postdocs, Gls/PIs).

Following her life and coaching experience, Melissa has also developed a retreat on the theme of grief and suffering : «A journey through grief – or how to transform your relationship with grief». If this subject interests you please send a mail to negoservices.

Her other passions

Melissa is passionate about mountains, climbing and nature. She is a member of two mountaineering clubs in which she is very active with teenagers and young adults. Melissa is interested in sustainable development and social issues, and volunteered for several years as a senior partnerships officer for Norlha, a grass root NGO involved in sustainable development projects and empowering women in the Himalayas.

Certain workshops are co-run with either Cinthia LéviFlorence Studer, Hilde JanssensMyriam Ernst Patricia Palagi , Stéphanie Ruder Schoof  or with Forrest van Uchelen