Negotiate with success – tools and mindset for lasting agreements

Do you want to become a successful negotiator?
Do you want to build sustainable partnerships?
Do you want to set up stronger collaborations?

Through our wide experience, we bring you tools and a methodology to improve your negotiation skills

Conflict management

What tools exist to manage conflict?
Is there any relationship between mediation and negotiation?

  • Learn how to manage conflicts and enable teams to collaborate with less tension
  • Get an insight into the complexity of conflicts and the dynamics of escalation
  • Adapt your intervention or facilitation style to the problem
  • Use effective verbal and non-verbal questioning and listening techniques

Self leadership skills

Or find out how self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy can help you to achieve your goals

Special programme for Women leaders in science

  • Are you faced with challenges in your roles as a scientist, a women and a leader?
  • Do you need specific tools to help you be comfortable and successful with your professional choices?
  • Do you wish you had more like-minded people to share with, give support and advice?

The following workshops are specifically tailored to women leaders

  • Self leadership skills
  • Negotiation skills, tools, strategies and mindset
  • Interpersonal communication

Training methodology

  • Highly interactive and practical workshops
  • Theory based on solid field experience
  • Breakout sessions in small groups for case study work
  • Analysis of individual situations
  • Facilitation by bilingual (English and French) experts in their respective fields
  • The tools are practical and can be used daily, both for professional and personal issues

Do you have a question about our training?
Would you prefer individual coaching?
Do you need consulting or facilitation?