Gretchen Repasky

Research Training Coordinator and Senior Researcher at Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM)
September 10, 2017, Gretchen worked with Melissa on several occasions

It is a great pleasure working with Melissa! She offered a workshop on negotiation for group leaders from the Nordic EMBL Partnership at our annual network meeting. After the workshop, I heard wonderful feedback from the participants. They liked the reallly practical approach and tools and the point that negotiation is not a negative thing. They were also suprised at how much they can apply to every day life and to the different things that they do. I’m very grateful for the time she spent with us in Helsinki!

PJ Stephenson

Senior Advisor, Monitoring at IUCN and Chair of the IUCN SSC Species Monitoring Specialist Group
May 4, 2017, PJ was a client of Melissa’s

I attended a course on negotiation skills run by Melissa in April 2017. Melissa is a great trainer and coach. She is knowledgeable and dynamic and during the course interspersed theory with useful practical sessions. Within a week I was able to apply my learning to a real-life negotiation and found that Melissa’s training equipped me very well to establish my aims, identify what I wanted out of the deal, the limits to my flexibility and what I was not prepared to budge on. It worked a treat and I came out of my negotiation with my key conditions and a bigger share of resources than I was expecting. I’d recommend Melissa to anyone else wanting to improve their negotiation skills.

Emmanuel Bréton

Chef de Projet at EPFL
November 11, 2016, Emmanuel was a client of Melissa’s

I have been in contact with Melissa within the two contexts of formal training session and informal coaching. The first has been highly enlightening, the second highly productive. The first incredibly proficient, the second precisely accurate. The message, methods and tools of the first spreading easily to my colleagues, the second turning into a key changer in my wife’s life.

Thanks Melissa, for your energy, your mindset and all the keys you have made available to us.

Philip Chowney

Coach/Trainer & Consultant in Career Management
April 22, 2015, Philip was a client of Melissa’s

Some of my most profound and significant personal and professional changes have occurred whilst being coached by Melissa. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s no coincidence. I would add that it’s a thoroughly enjoyable process too. Thanks Melissa!